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Hi Experts!
When in doubt, I turn to thee....
After seeing The Aviator last weekend, I'm dying - dyin' I tells ya' - to
purchase and build up a faithful reproduction of this remarkable aircraft.
I've Googled around a bit and have seen a few kits - but they range from 10
bucks to over $130. That quite a range in what, I assume, will be the
quality of the models.
Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction? Let's say I
have a decent budget - what would be the nicest version of this model? I
consider things like fit and finish important if I need to spend a lot of
dough, but having said that, we all know there are certain models that
aren't very expensive and are wonderfully designed for the consumer.
However, the opposite is also true which is what I'd like to steer clear of.
One *doesn't* always "get what 'ya pay for".
Opinions are most welcome and thanks for reading my post.
Mike T.
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Mike Tschel.
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AFAIK the only plastic kit of the Spruce Goose is the 1/200 scale model now being boxed by Minicraft. Other manufacturers have issued this kit from the same tooling before but Minicraft's is current, only $14 MSRP, and has the best decals of any issue I've ever seen.
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Al Superczynski
Don't know about this particular model, but I do HIGHLY recommend the movie. Fascinating story line, excellent acting and great actual/CGI flight sequences.
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And don't for get you can see the real thing at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville Oregon.
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Jack G.
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Jack G
It is quite a big model even in that scale. Don't worry much about surface detail as it was mostly wooden.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Thanks for the advice! Who would have thought the least expensive model is the best! Next stop - my local hobby shop to order it. Unless we have other opinions....
Best, Mike T
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Mike Tschel.

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