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"MarioG" waxed lyrical news:bjnaga$ves$2

As states in subject - is there any kit of Savage in 1/72 ?? > Thanks, > Best regards, > Mario Glozinic > > >

Three, a limited run injection kit by French company Mach 2 (shudder) and a VacForm by Rareplanes. If you must have a Savage, do yourself a favour and track down the Rareplanes Vac, the Mach 2 will be far more work. Airmodel did a Vac back in the dark mists of time too, but it's best forgotten about. The first two are your serious options, and really the Rareplanes is the best way to go.

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Drewe Manton
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in article bjnaga$ves$, MarioG at wrote on 10/9/03 2:42 pm:

I am part way through building the Mach 2 kit, and beleve me it needs building.That said it is not beyond a capable modlers skill to correct most of the real problems with the kit. The thing that is holding up finishing it at the moment is apathy I just can't be arsed, that annd new wheels.

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Rory Manton

Thanks Drewe! Best regards, Mario

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Whatever, did you ever see the builtup Savage that he used to have in his display at the Nationals?


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