Re: #$^^#% VAC FORMS!!!

The front and
>> rear
>> went together great, the center goes together great, everything was sanded
>> right, and the front and rear don't match the center for #$%^!!!!!
I'm slightly puzzled from your description; do you mean the relative
circumferences of the fuselage parts won't mate? Using excess vac material form
a ring that fits in the smaller tube so you have a substantial mounting "lip"
and use resin, gap filling super glue, etc. to mate it to the other tube. If
you "flare" (major trial and error job there) the ring you may be able to get
both pieces to mate without filler.
the center doesn't even match the
>> outer wings for durn either.
Don't you want to mate it with the inner wings? I can't visualize what you need
here; can you take a picture?
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Yeah, guess that was kind of a confusing explanation...
The fore and aft fuselages have a diameter of X, the center fuselage has a dia- meter of X-.125" The inner wing sections and engines are part of the said center fuselage section. The inner wing parts are to correct scale, and if I have to I can slice them off of the center fuselage section and use the Italeri kit fuse- lage section which is to a very close scale with the fore and aft AirModel fuse- lage sections. Sorry fo0lks, hadn't meant to be so confusing! :(
Other than that the kit is progressing wonderfully, I'm using the Italeri com- pressor fans as the exhast fans for the AirModel kit, and I've scrounged a pair of F-5 exhausts for the aux jets. The gear bays and cockpit are fitting perfectly, and the rest of assembly has been straight forward. I'm guessing that whover did the originals for the vac f'd up a bit on the measurements for the center fuselage section only.
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Drew Hill
Well, that's easy. Did you read the FSM "Vac School" series that ran in 1992? Paul Boyer used the ED Models RB-57 conversion on an Italeri B-57 in just the manner you describe. He used a large I-beam section of plastruct as a wing spar.
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