Aeropac - Help! Not sure what I need???


I have a LOC Expediter and I decided I would buy an Aeropac retainer. This kit has a single 54mm mount but I will only ever fly it on 38mm motors. I have a LOC 54/38 adapter. I have not expoxied the aft CR yet.

I can't make heads or tails out of the product list on aeropac's web site. What will I need? Is the adapter just an adapter for the retainer or is it like a motor adapter (ie: a tube). Any info appreciated.



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If you bought an Aeropack retainer, then you're going to need an Aeropack

54/38 adapter to fly 38MM loads. Giant Leap makes Slimline 54/38 adapter that works with Aeropack retainers as well. I have an Aeropack 54/38 adapter. Very nice quality stuff.
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J.A. Michel

The Aeropac retainer is two pieces. The first part is epoxied (use JB weld) to the back of the motor tube, and has an external thread. You may need to sand the motor tube for a proper fit, so this is often done "first". If you've already epoxied the motor tube in place, test fit the adapter ring before you go farther so that you can sand as needed with fewer pieces in the way.

Once the retaining ring is in place, the other piece screws on in order to retain the motor OR adapter. The 54-38 adapter consists of TWO pieces, one is a 38mm-sized inner tube with a flange at each end that is sized for the 54mm tube, PLUS a specially-shaped ring. The ring is placed over the aft-end of the adapter after it is put in place, and 'fits' into the screw-on part of the retainer, so that there is absolutely no shifting of the adapter, and there is tight retention of the 38mm motor.

I don't use anything other than AeroPac retainers -- they're not cheap, but they work OH so well...

David Erbas-White

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David Erbas-White

I personally don't buy anything from a company that can't write instructions or descriptions (eg, BlackSky). I'd get the Giant Leap retainer and adapter instead.

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