Estes (Cox) X-15 Available again

I was just at the local hobby shop and was surprised to see the old Cox X-15 has been released by Estes and was only running about $15. With a minor internal mod, my old Cox X-15 is about the best flying model rocket I've ever flown. And it's nearly indestructible. After the near disaster of having the thing come down without a chute at hypersonic speeds about 4 feet away from me, I found a simple solution. Since the engine ejection charge tends to break the seam where the two plastic halves are attached, I simply installed a small tube inside that fits about halfway down over the engine and runs right up to the nose cone. Took about 30 minutes to open the thing up (it's not glued very well), install the tube and put it back together. I've had about 50 great flights on it now and everyone seems to love watching it fly.


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You got that right. If it deploys it's a great flight, if not, get under something substantial. I saw one come in ballistic and bury itself entirely.


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Sounds like the flights I had with the thing. It tended to arc over at the end of the launch rod and continue under power.

Think about the landing scene from "When Worlds Collide" only with dirt instead of snow and you will get the idea.

Can you say Landshark?

Bill Sullivan

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The Rocket Scientist

I'd call it a toss up between this rocket and the Estes mini X-wing with the big metal spike in the nose for the title of "Most unsafe mass market rocket ever made". I remember years ago at a Ft Wayne contest when someone pranged one of these into an asphalt parking lot next to the range head. It was stuck in the asphalt like a lawn dart, and came out unscratched. Imagine what that would have done to a car roof. Or to your head!

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Bob Kaplow

. It was

Or Jerry's head!

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Bonus points.

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Dave Grayvis

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