removing decals after they are set

after putting the decals on a tiger tank, and getting everything "perfect", several months go by and i realize that they are the wrong tank numbers. how do you remove decals without ruining the the paint. I would rather keep the wrong numbers than put a knife and scrape it off. any hints/help??


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Are they fixed with varnish? Then you might be left with spraying over them as the only solution.

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Herbert Ackermans

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Brian Francis

A good way to do it is to burnish a high tack tape over them (like Scotch tape) and yank it off like a Band-aid.

It may take several tries, but you can generally remove most if not all of the decal this way. How much comes off is going to highly depend on how good a job you did putting it on in the first place, though...

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Did you use Microsol or other solvent for decals? If so, just sand/paint over them. If not you should be able to use the tape method. hth

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