There are Gremlins about

You know, the "someone"s who sneak into your plane and remove the servo arm
screw, and the "someone"s who get your transmitter and put it back on the
same model you flew last after you KNOW you had changed it to the model that
just crashed? At our field there's even one that'll take your Freq. pin and
put it back on the Freq. board! That can cause some fights. Ya never see
'em but you know they're around.
I was getting ready to start an Uproar 60 and I went to the LHS. It must
be a good hobby shop because every time I go in there I come out with
something I didn't realize I needed. I KNEW I needed med. CA to build it
but I had Ambriod and Titebond and thin CA and epoxy at home in the shop. I
know my shop like the back of my hand. That was Wed. Started Thurs got
tail surfaces done, got ailerons. today then started the wings. Rib 2 is
light ply with light ply doublers. What would you use to glue it? I was
going to use the Titebond but someone stole it. While I'm looking for it I
notice the Ambroid is gone too. I ended up using Probond rather than mix
epoxy. Where the heck did those glues go? Somebody got them. Dern those
little suckers! On the bright side, I did find a bottle of Med CA I didn't
know I had.
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Excellent! I know the feeling. ;)
Will :
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Were they Gremlins from the Kremlin? Reading your subject line I thought this post was about the Gremlin combat plane. Oh well. Yesterday I was building a wing for a Slow Stick conversion and found my balsa strip cutter in the first place I looked. I was stunned and amazed since I hadnt used it since before I moved to this apt. I guess the Gremlins were too busy with the glue at your place to hide the balsa strip cutter at mine. Explains where those extra bottles of adhesive came from tho....
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Fubar of The HillPeople
The other day I dropped a small screw. It was a type I didn't have many of. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I thought the best thing to do is drop another one from the same spot and see where it bounced to.
I now have two missing screws :(
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On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:45:20 +0100, "Trefor" wrote in :
I have tried the same technique with lost arrows. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Seems to me I got the idea from from _Tom Sawyer_ or _Huckleberry Finn_.
I bought my brother new arrows to replace the ones I lost.
I don't know how many screws I'm missing. I do think from time to time that there's a nut loose on my keyboard.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
I don't have any missing screws, but a few are loose. I have been told that I'm missing my marbles, but I don't get it. Of course, "I" wouldn't.
What truly amazes me, however, is just how much company I have in the world.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
The message from "Ed Cregger" contains these words:
Its a very fine line between genius and insanity, I have one foot on this side and the other foot on the other side................ the fact that I sleep upside down hanging from a branch and eat lots of fruit doesnt come into it......
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Terence Lynock (MSW)
My mentor is 82 years old and I am a young 63. Ah yes the first day of the year for flying. Jim gets his trusty Sig 25. Go through the preflite and everything is OK. Take off and a short time later Jim yells is anyone else on this frequency as his plane was not responding to his radio. Nope nobody on his freq. He managed to bring the plane around in the worst approach necessary, High lines. Jim slid through the lines only scratching a wing putting a small hole. He was able to land and we did a field strip to discover that the seam of the gas tank had split, spilling fuel into the transmitter shorting everything out. Yet he must have had a gold horse shoe around his neck he brings the cripple in for a perfect landing. What do you do. Open the transmitter and dip it into alcohol you get in the paint department, Not rubbing alcohol. The transmitter responds beautifully. Jim put another fuel tank in and put silicone around the neck. Guess what the fuel tank split at the seam. Now it was a matter of getting a different fuel tank and different name brand. Jim had about nine of the fuel tanks he had around for years. He had bought out material from a hobby shop. Geez you know I think there is a shelf life to some plastics even stored in the dark. Gremlins split all these seams when nobody was looking. Doc Ferguson
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Doc Ferguson

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