Sewing Table Workbench?

I have a small spare sewing table that I may convert into a workbench for modelling. Can you come up with a wish list as to what features you would like to stuff into it? Say something you would like to win at the club draw. This is more of a fun project than anything I really need.

I have a fully equipped garage woodworking workshop where I can fabricate anything. I also have lots of spare modelling equipment that I can incorporate into the sewing table.

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Most sewing tables I've seen have the really desirable feature of mounting the sewing machine to it and it flips or stores out of the way when you're done. Can't imagine using this in a modeling venue. I think you'd be better off selling it to someone who wants one on ebay (it might be worth some money) and getting yourself a desk or bench that fits your agenda.

Just a thought,

The Keeper (of too much crap)

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