Skif BMP3 and Edaurd/AEF aftermarket for sale

Ok, so it's time to accept reality. I will NOT be building two BMP3's with
The vanilla kit, plus the new Eduard interior and Modelpoint barrels is going
to be good enough for me.
So I've got a second, BMP3 kit ,complete, and the AEF Designs interior and the
AEF designs Turret w resin barrels for sale as well as the old Eduard etch set.
This is the etched set before the two new interior and exterior sets. It is
very comprehensive for the exterior and has drivers instruments and handles for
the insides of the hatches.
The AEF website lists the interior as $37.50and the turret/barrels as $12.50
I believe I paid about US$20 for the old etch set.
Aftermarket total US$ 70
The kit lists for $29.95 at VLS.
For a grand total, at full retail of $99.95
I'll let the whole thing go, and pay shipping in the US for $80.
Outside the US, postage at actual cost.
So you save US$20 and get free postage.. not a bad deal.
I'll also break up the package and sell individual parts
Interior $32.50
Turret $10
Etch $15
Kit $25
and you pay actual postage.
If you want to see what you get, go check out AEF's page at
formatting link

formatting link
formatting link

The interior is a FULL resin lower hull and has the rear tunnel section, oddly
enough not shown in the image. This is a nice part, I almost used it, but had
glued the plastic part into the kit already. I did use the AEF part as a
template to add the spall liners to the kit part.. whatta hassle, 60+parts
later, I shoulda used the AEF bit!
The turret is hollow and well molded.
This is AEF stuff, so it's not perfect, and the instructions are somewhat
vague, but it is very buildable. There is a thin spot on one hull sponson , but
it is not a hole.
I have cut the resin plates with the interior bits apart, but it is complete.
Money back offer.
If you get the AEF sets and they don't meet your standards, mail them back ,
your cost.. sorry, I can only be so generous, and I'll refund your money.
I've got loads of good ebay feedback and tons of folks who will vouch for me.
Any questions, feel free to email me. (you will have to remove 'diespam')
I'm not really interested in trades, but if you've got a 251/9 Nuts and bolts
book or a ZSU23/4 interior set, lets talk :-)
Thanks for looking
please remove "diespam" to reply
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've
misunderstood the situation.
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