Wirbelwind Interior Color

Hi rms'ers. It's been a while but I finally found that I can access
this group in google groups! Hurrah!
Anyway, I am building a 1/48 scale Wirbelwind using Tamiya's Pz. IV
ausf. J and the Gaso.Line wirbelwind turret. Nice kits, even has
interior stuff. BUT: I am unsure of the correct color for the turret
interior. Is it possibly red primer? Or interior white?
Also: I saw photos of the unit in Ontario, is painted Panzer grey
overall. Is that a likely scheme? I would be inclined to use it if
it is legit. Where these units built during the period that Panzer
grey was being used?
Any help would be appreciated.
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The interior of the Wirbelwind turret should be the same color as the exterior of the vehicle which is most likely Dunkelgelb (Panzer yellow). If the conversion kit shows part of the lower hull interior you can paint that primer red. The vehicle at Borden is an original Wirbelwind but the gray paint is bogus.
Glenn Goens -- snipped-for-privacy@fuse.net
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Glenn Goens

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