Speed control on the 398 and 400 Dremel models

Hi all, my Dremel 398, like all Dremel 398's I guess, has what I'd define a lousy speed control: if e.g. I set the speed to 5000 rpm, and then put some strain on it, it's not capable of keeping the 5000 rpm set, but it will slow down to e.g. 3000 rpm. But then engine would be perfectly capable of keeping 5000 rpm under that strain, proof is that instead of 5000 I set it to e.g. 8000, then under the same identical strain, it will run at 5000 rpm. What it would need is a sense of its REAL rotational speed, so with a feedback system it could keep it up. But it doesn't. Now there's the new Dremel 400, and from what I've read they've improved the speed mechanism. Over what? Over the first Dremels in history, or over the 398 I own?

So my question is: has anyone the new 400 and can tell me if it has TRUE speed regulation?

If so, I'm gonna purchase one immediately, otherwise there's no point to "upgrade" my 398 with a 400!

Thank you very much, Andrea

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