Stopping in at Meteor Productions

I am travelling to Bethesda MD this coming week and notice Meteor Productions facility is relatively close to there. If I stop in, it delays my travel plans about 5 hours and adds about 2+ hrs in traffic (depending on DC traffic on a Friday afternoon).

Is it worth it? Or am I better off saving the time and traffic headache and simply enjoying their online store?

Hope to hear from someone before I take off on Sunday (I would stop in on Friday)...

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Oh! It is worth it! But you might want to e-mail them and be sure of their hours. They are open to the public only certain hours, I believe.

Bill Shuey

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Bill Shuey

Their telephones are answered between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM ET, Monday through Friday. I suspect that may be their business hours.

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It's definitely worth it. You'd just better go with a shopping list or you'll be there all day -- literally. Bring lots of cash or a couple of credit cards. You'll wear the numbers off the first one ;-) I ALWAYS find stuff I can't life without.

The website has driving directions and business hours. They're just off I-95 west of the beltway.

Ed Robbeloth

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