talk about blatant

I saw the Zhengdefu 1:72 weapons set today, not only are they the exact
same weapons as Hasegawa'a 1/48 Weapons B set but they stole the boxart
photo and the paint & glue ventialtion warning cartoon too. Maybe they
want to us to know they at least pantographed their ripoff from a good
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Or maybe they paid Hasegawa a tidy sum to copy and downsize it....
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JC Hayes
As far as I know, they have stopped the production already.
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Didn't you know: Zhengdefu is Chinese for "Crappy Copy"? ;-) Larry Engesath
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Larry Engesath
Actually it's 'accurate replica', i.e. what every other model compnay claims also :-) And hey, I bought a couple of the cheapo airliners, and they were nice to build! So there...
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Gernot Hassenpflug
How did the company UM come up with their name?
They were sitting around the table trying to come up with a name and one guy kept muttering "Um. Um. Um."
So they named it Um just to shut him up. :-)
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He was probably chanting 'Om' but he had an accent. :) What do they make?
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak

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