Trumpeter Prices vs. Revell/Germany- a thought on elasticity

Just got my RoG Atlantic (got crossed up in shipping because we moved a week ahead of schedule) and was admiring the kit last night, when a thought hit me. That kit is so nice, well made, lots of detail and parts, and it only cost about US$20. What would Trumpeter charge for the same kit? That reminded me of the thread on Trumpeter prices and the comment on price elasticity- I was set to disagree with that, but it's true. This is a relatively inelastic business because of the lack of substitutes or alternatives. Each kit is in its own way unique, with its own features or weaknesses, that make it not really substitutable. If you are in love with a particular kit of the Fruitbat, that one is the one you buy. All that being said, I shudder to think what those moneygrubbers at Trumpeter would have charged for the Atlantic- on the other hand the Guideline kit seemed to be a great deal, again well done, lots of parts, but not too extreme on price. Go figure. I can't- gotta unpack some more boxes of books.

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Jim Atkins
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The only Trumpeter that I have right now is the F-107 Ultra Sabre. I probably won't be building it for a while, I want to buy some detailing for an F-100 and try to make that work. I'm looking at an "in service" version, with underwing stores and markings. Anyway, the price on the Sabre was sweet, only cost me $14.00 and looks fine in the box. Outside of the Airmodel vacuum-formed and the antique Aurora, who else made it? Have fun unpacking. Been there, done that; hope to again soon......

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The Old Timer

Jim, I thought you already were in 29 Stumps.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

My gut feeling is that if Trumpeter made the same kit you would of gotten less for the money. The importers, not too far away are a savvy bunch so they will price their kits accordingly.

Or another way of putting it, is that the Trump kit would of had less detail.

RofG in the last year or so has made a break through in kit pricing and releasing of new subjects. Let's hope they continue..


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