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After our recent posting frenzy, I got out an Acc Min Avenger that I had
started years ago and had another look at it. It's still a sweet kit,
and it'll be my next finished one, I think, using some aftermarket
decals to finish it as a Brit Tarpon.
I must note however, that one shouldn't return to modelling after a long
break by attempting to assemble Eduard PE flaps... NOT a gentle return,
not at all; something simpler might have been in order. Never mind, I
have one side done and will get the other finished later this week.
How's things going around your workbench?
(The Aussie one)
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I am in the midst of a Fantastic Plastic FDL-5. I want to finish it as a NA SA bird, although that USAF version does look sweet as well. I just finishe d a small vignette using a resin "Temple Courtyard" base that I purchased a t a 'Con several years back and a couple of Dragon 1:24 Trojan War figures. These started out as toys (Action Figures), but with a little tweaking, ma de for a nice display.
Regards, John Braungart
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The Old Man
RobG wrote the following on 10/8/2012 3:02 AM (ET):
You're just into Spring and we here in the Northern Hemisphere are getting ready for winter. The season for model building again after shoveling snow all morning. Don't forget to wait until the shivering stops before handling small parts.
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I'm nearly finished the Minicraft 1/144 He-111. from the Ollie's sale that was mentioned on one of the other boards.
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