Why was this Tamiya vehicle built with a metal chassis?

This small little Japanese light vehicle - no idea why it has a heavy
metal chassis. Seems like massive overkill
Nothing else I can find in the Tamiya line of kits has this.
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They like multimedia kits? There might be technical reasons, but those aren't the only possible reasons for decisions like this.
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Rob van Riel
Some of the tamiya kits are used in rc racing and other applications like rock crawlers so there might have been some cross over in the design. You build a library of cad drawing and often the design starts there. I do 3d prototype printing it is often a family of parts from the same tree.
Anybody build formula car models?
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Many of Tamiya's 1/48 line of kits have die cast chassis. From what I recall reading in articles ... People who buy the prebuilt kits like the heft. Where-as people who like to build the kits dislike them since they make it harder to add detail.
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John McGrail
...I seem to be collecting them, at least. I built quite a few 1/12 Tamiya F-1 kits as a teen and am in the process of gathering replacements. I like the 1/20th ones as well.
Talk about dropping some bux on a built though...that aftermarket is high-$-end!
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They do it with some of their 1:48th scale armour too - even the Marder III which hasn't got a cast chassis has metal weights to be fitted inside the vehicle. Given the tracks are injection-moulded link-and-length, it can't be to improve the "sit" of the vehicle. Japanese 1:700th ship kits also feature metal ballast in waterline kits... Beats me why - perhaps it makes them less likely to be shaken off the shelf in earthquakes?
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Probably to give it some "heft" -- small vehicles tend to be super- light and easily damaged even when on a base as they have little to hold them in place. I also suspect not as many modelers as one would think use bases (I don't as I don't have the room for them).
Cookie Sewell
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Big deal in Japan is putting models in water with an aftermarket propellor that sits underneath with a suction cup. Same with some armor, put a motor in it and play on the freeway and avoid the trucks...
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