2003 SolidWorks Design Contest--Any info?

I see there is a sign up for the 2004 Design Contest, at
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but I haven't seen any winners announced for the
2003 design contest.
I very politely emailed snipped-for-privacy@solidworks.com for some specific
information on the status of the 2003 contest and received an email
containing nothing more than a link to the contest page.
Honestly, I thought I'd get more of a response than that, and actually
I assumed that the person that read my email to snipped-for-privacy@solidworks.com
would forward it on to the appropriate employee who actually knew
Since it seems this is all I'm going to get for information, I'm
wondering if any of you out there have heard anything.
--Matt Schroeder
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Matt Schroeder
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I was also wondering when winners would be announced. SolidWorks used to post the winning entries in the design gallery but that no longer exist. It would be nice if they brought that section of the web site back.
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Rob Rodriguez
Maybe they will announce it to the world at SW World?
Okay, in lieu of that, I think that anything sent to SW regading non-critical issues, has been tabled until after the show. Or it seems my requests were. I sent an email to them to ask them something, and they replied 33 days later, and in the reply it said something like "Sorry, I just read your email"
I kid you not....
Mr. Pickles SW 2004 sp2 :-)
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Mr. Pickles
If they're not answering e-mails, not returning telephone calls, not registering subscription maintenance renewals, not testing software... Then what are they doing? Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell
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Devon T. Sowell
They're all getting ready for the big SW World in their freezing backyard (this year) ....
And working on sp2....again
Mr. Pickles
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Mr. Pickles

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