IPMS/Knoxville Contest Info?

Hi all,
Does anybody have any info on May 13 Knoxville contest-Categories,
special awards, entry fees, etc?
I emailed them over a week ago & got no response. I asked the RCs for
help & got a response (from the chapter)requesting my phone #. That was
2 days ago.No call. I've got 4 guys (plus myself)ready to get up
Saturday morning @ Oh:Dark:30 and drive 4 plus hours. I know where the
show's at. I'd just like to have some info before I drive that far and
it's already Thursday. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Please
email to snipped-for-privacy@douglasbattery.com
Dave Pepper
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Dave Pepper
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The IPMS/USA website shows the location of the Smokey Mountain Mini-Con 24, however the link to their website is broken. Listed Contact person Stephen Bierce has been notified via email and has been apprised of the problem. Stay tuned, Film at 11:00. B
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Bruce Apple
Thanks Bruce, The IPMS web site is the 1st place I went. Apparently they decide on their catagories the day of the show based on what entries are made. Being able to get so little information on a contest (is new to me) and considering the 4+ hour drive, I think I'll stay home & flog plastic. Oh Well, I tried... Daveout...
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Dave Pepper
I'm sure you're glad you stayed home. Our show was a disaster.
I just resigned as VP and Chapter Contact for IPMS/KSMA. The interim Chapter Contact is Mark Kline: snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com
I'm sorry for everybody's trouble in regards to the show.
Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922 {Sig Quotes Removed on Request}
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Stephen Bierce

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