2006 Sp 4.0 PDF bug (?)

I just "upgraded" to 4.0 to get the fix for a hole note bug and now the Save As PDF function puts a box around embedded Word documents. The VAR doesn't know a workaround. Does anyone else know, or am I stuck wasting more time rolling back to 2.0?

Thanks Eric

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If it is that critical that you cannot have the border around it -- tell your var to turn it in to solidworks. They should definitely be able to get an SPR on it if functionality is now missing. If you can show that in sp2.0 (when solidworks used bluebeam instead of adobe for pdf) that there is no border & there is now, there is no question that this can be fixed - as users have lost functionality.

On the other hand regarding a workaround (until sw fixes it) - Now that the note command in solidworks is so robust (2006) why use a word doc at all? You can create item numbers, fractions, bold portions of the text, underline other portions, use different fonts, ect...

But if you do have a good reason for the word doc -- you can (I have tested this & it works for me on sp 3.4):

  1. draw a rectangle (sketch entities)around the word doc
  2. change the thickness of all 4 lines to be really thick (make sure the lines overlap the OLE border)
  3. change the color of all 4 lines to white.
  4. right click on the word doc OLE object & choose "SEND TO BACK"
  5. create PDF.

Another option -- use a free pdf printer (like

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& print the pdf -- During print the border does not show up

Hope this helps Steve T.

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Here is a workaround, but it is not without it's own problems.

Right-click on the embedded Word Document and select "Properties". Check the option for "Sharpen Zoomed State".

The box will disappear on your PDF file.

Checking this option will increase the size of the embedded object and on the example I tried increased the spacing between the letters in the Word document. I was able to fix it manually by double-clicking the embedded Word file (to activate the Word document inside of SolidWorks) and resizing the viewable window. Combine this with resizing the embedded object window in SolidWorks and I was able to get a good result.

I would definitely report this as a bug. As you already know, it did not put the box around the embedded object in previous service packs.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Ricky Jordan CSWP President North Alabama SolidWorks User Group (NASWUG)

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Eric wrote:

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Ricky Jordan

Thanks, this works. I will do this until they fix the bug (if they ever fix it). We've got hundreds if not thousands of drawings to do this on...


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