2D Drawings - Sheet Properties - 2004

I have a created an A-size drawing sheet with titleblock/layers/custom
properties etc. and now want to to increase the sheet (paper) size to
a B size and move the titleblock over accordingly _but_ in 2004 it
seems that a paper size increase is not possible while retaining the
titleblock data; this was possible in 2003.
Has anyone found a "2004 workaround" for this?
For obvious reasons, it is a real time saver to get everything working
in the A-size and then quickly create B,C,D,E-size sheets.
- Darren
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Darren Q.
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If you have set up your drawings (slddrt and drwdot) to make use of custom properties then this data can be pulled into the drawing regardless of the sheet size chosen. Same functionality between 2003 to 2004
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