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Using SW3 I have two questions for consideration. Thank you to all are kind enough to offer help.

1) Since SW is smart enough to automatically create a bounding box around a component, is there a way to access and use the size of this box for a BOM Material Size entry? Right now I am linking each xyz dim to a Special Property.

2) Can a macro be written that will link a part on sheet 2,3,etc. to the BOM Item# on sheet 1? If so, I would like to discuss $$ for someone to do it for me.

This is why: I always use multiple sheets and include an informational Block with each of several items detailed on the sheet (usually four to six Items per sheet). I have been able to do some very nice linking to Custom Properties for the Name and Material of each Item, but I also want to include the Quantity and BOM Item# of the part.

This is how I think it could be done. If the Item# and Quantity can be determined by a spread sheet that looks at the assembly Feature Manager tree, then, is it not possible to also link that data to an updateable (replaceable) Custom Property for each Item of the assembly?

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Were you, by any chance, at the combined Chicago,Milwaukee, Rockford, SolidWorks user group meeting that happened last Thursday? This exact question came up in a roundtable discussion. Some guy said it could be done with a macro, with a command like 'Getbox'. Maybe someone else who was in attendance will chime in with a more lucid recollection.

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Edward T Eaton

The bounding box calculated by SW is for display purposes, and is rather approximate, IIRC. I do seem to remember that someone had written a macro to calculate this accurately. Two problems: I don't know where to find this macro, and you'd have to make sure that all your parts are aligned to the basic planes of each part.

The method we've adopted give is the finished material size in a custome property. Place three reference dimensions on the part, then create a "stock" custom property link to these dimensions. It's a little extra work, but there it is.

As for getting item number and qty out to the individual part views, Solid Solutions Magazine

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has a monthly macro feature. One of those monthly macros does just this, but it has limitations and will need to be altered for your company's practices.

In short, your needs can be met by macros, but I don't know of any complete solutions. Unfortunately, I'm also not competent to provide you with such macros myself.

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Dale Dunn

Ivan Ivanov has a program "MinBBox" he is selling and there is a trail version and a help incentive for a free version.

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Otherwise, it's a question which has come up...

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?X6DF216F5 ..

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Paul Salvador

I was the one who mentioned that it can be done.

I mentioned that it can be done using a macro feature.

Feel free to contact me directly for more information.

Best Regards,

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Robert V. Hanson

You're right about the API call, Ed. It's Component2.GetBox .

Alluvium: Implementing a macro feature that takes advantage of it would not be complex, but might be intimidating if you haven't done any API work before. If you want to tackle it yourself, there was a presentation by Trevor D'Arcy Evans at SolidWorks World 2003 that included this topic and his example files are posted on the SolidWorks site:

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The bounding box is an approximation, so it may or may not be appropriate depending on your needs. You can tweek it to be more accurate by adjusting tesselation quality. Paul Salvador's recommendation of minBBox might be worth looking into.


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Brenda D. Bosley

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