How to put several A4 drawings onto one larger sheet?


I posted some time ago mentioning this, my prob at the time was defining my own sheet setups.

Now I have that sorted, and am actually trying to place several drawings into one sheet, I find its not as easy as it seems.

In fact I can't seem to see any way at all.

Help please....


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I think that is not a good way to handle drws. You are propably going to have problems with view scales, bom's etc. that will slow down the working process. Why you want to do it that way?

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Markku Lehtola

"me" a écrit dans le message de news:

The printer we use here (Canon iR5000 photocopier, nice: 60 prints/min) permits us to do so. Maybe yours can. We NEVER use it for that. I use it to print long texts (as PDF) reducing 2 xA4 on one.

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Jean Marc BRUN

Juts use a PS printer driver, or Adobe Acrobat and print multiple pages to une page.

Then print the resulting page to your printer. There is alot of SW outthere that prints multiple pages to one.

The reasons why he wants to do it are not relevant. Also do not do it from whithing SW ...


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Hmm, maybe if I know the backgound of the problem I can give better answers, or even more different kind of options for it(?)

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Markku Lehtola

Do these sheets need to be to scale? If not, Check out FinePrint

formatting link
-- it allows you to print pages two-up, four-up, etc. on one sheet. If you define your printer and paper size, you could set it up to print maybe four pages to a sheet and keep individual sheets in SW. It'll print them all at the same size, so if scaling isn't important it may work well.


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Brian Mears

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