Anybody Else Notice 2005 wants to contact the Internet??

I just put 2005 on my computer and have noticed that when you do moldflow works it wants to contact the internet, (ZoneAlarm-told me) anybody else notice 2005 trying to contact the internet for other reasons? I really hate programs trying to contact the internet on ports for no reason. Thanks Rocko

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As a practical matter, I do not allow my SolidWorks machine to connect to the Internet because of all the problems and slowdowns which I completely avoid in this manner.

Another machine does all the Internet work

And yes, I have a stack of 18 performance emails on SWks 2004 which I need to send to SolidWorks on that machine. I'll get around to sending them some day, when I eventually connect.

I wonder how the SolidWorks crew looks at users like me.


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Rocko and Bo,

I believe if you turn off "Enable performance email" in your SolidWorks System Options, the internet will no longer be accessed.


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That is off , it has to do with something else, either verification of usage or something.

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"Rocko" wrote in news:opk2d.17747$

It may be an automatic check for service packs. Also, 05 has some brower behavior (3DContent Central) built into the task pane, so something may be going on there.

Usage statistics are supposed to be in the performance email, IIRC.

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Dale Dunn

What is the IP address Zonealarm reports? Some inter program communications take place using tcp/ip and can be reported by Zonealarm as attempting to use the internet. IP adress (or something close to this) would be one example.

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