Anybody know an easy way to model a SINE Wave?

I need to model a spider for a loudspeaker. The spider consists of concentric sine wave convolutions, which vary in height and pitch. This model needs to be fairly accurate so I can determine the height of the curve wall where a large hole of a give diameter will be punched in the center. The part already exists, so I know the various pitch and heights along the wave crests. Short of calculating numbers all day, is there a shortcut? Jack

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The profile of a helix is a sine curve.

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In a sketch draw a circle the diameter of which is the peak to peak amplitude of the sine wave needed. Draw a horizontal line from the center of the circle the length of which is one wave length of the desired sine curve. Using a polygon feature insert a polygon into the circle with enough vertices to provide the accuracy you need. 8 or 12 vertices is usually enough. Divide the horizontal line into as many equal segments as there are vertices on the polygon. Constrain points corresponding to the polygons vertices and the points on the horizontal curve and connect with a spline.

It seems to me that SW also included the ability to construct a curve from an equation in 2009.

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