Anybody Use a Microscribe with SW

I was curious if anybody has used a microscribe digitizer with the
solidworks plugin. Did it
work well , what were the problems with the software or hardware ect...
Thanks in advance.
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I remember when RevWorks came out people were making allot of noise about it. It worked with Microscribe. It could be that at that time SW wasn't very good at handling the spline data it produced or something else, but you don't hear much about it anymore. They are still in business though
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You might get the some of the info you need there. Real world success stories might be a bit more difficult.
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we used to use a microscribe for reverse engineering but found the accuracy (and repeatability) very poor. Ended up getting a Faro arm. We also tried Revworks but had a hard time justifying it. Much easier to use Rhino to gather the data and import in SW.
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