Slowing drawings as text increases

Do any of you do large amounts of text on drawings and notice as the amount increases the drawing gets slower? What about additional pages? We have a

17pg ECN eing done in swx and it has slowed to a crawl. Also, on our production assembly drawings, we use text to call out the prt no.,desc,and reqd and after 15 or 20 of those it starts to crawl as well. I just started here and have been working towards stream lining the system and for the ecn I want to create an excel table in import it onto a template to start from. As far as the text on the assy's I'd like to figure out hot to use the balloon feature but have it pull the prt no, description, and qty rqd. Haven't figutred that out just yet. I wish they'd go with regular balloons and a BOM but it aint gonna happen....yet;0)
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I've got some large drawing files that take 15 minutes or so to even open on my machine at work (all local files), about 5-8 minutes at home. Primary difference is I have twice the ram at home (1Gb), makes a big difference.

As for your Balloon query, check out the BomBalloon macro here...

formatting link
It's saved me literally hours of work, I often use it instead of the standard balloons.

  • But I'm still using 2003 and I don't know that the Bom macro works with the new and improved 2004 BOM, lordy I hope so!**

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