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I would like to access information of inserted cosmetic thread, not generated by Hole Wizard. I've got an object called CosmeticThread using GetTypeName function, but I don't know how to obtain its data since I found nothing called CosmeticThread in object browser of sldworks.

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Cosmetic thread is a feature. To access cosmetic thread data, you have to get CosmeticThreadFeatureData object by calling Feature::GetDefinition. For example, let us assume you get cosmetic thread feature by some means, then you could do the following...

Dim objCosmeticThread as SldWorks.Feature .... '(get feature somewhere) Dim objCosmeticThreadData as SldWorks.CosmeticThreadFeatureData 'Get feature definition Set objCosmeticThreadData = objCosmeticThread.GetDefinition 'do something with data... xxx = objCosmeticThreadData.BlindDepth yyy = objCosmeticThreadData.Diameter


Refer to API help, for example write "cos" on the index tab...


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