CAD Designer - Solidworks Position Available!

Does anybody know "the perfect candidate" that might be interested in
such a position:
Supporting Package Development, the CAD Designer will be responsible
for developing cusomter driven packaging concepts/design which meets
density weight and ergenomic requirements and restrictions. Ability to
take a project from concept through full design and engineering. The
CAD designer will also be responsible for developing working models and
prototypes of new concepts. Demonstrated creativity/innovation.
Self-starter requiring minimal supervision. Knowledge of packaging
processes/maretial handling/maretials/tooling related to injection
moding and thermoforming. Leadership tendencies. Ability to drive
multiple programs simultaneously. Ability to partner with
cross-functional team members (marketing, production, engineering,
external suppliers) to deliver on project goals.
2-5 years demonstrated knowledge/profiency of Soldiworks, ProEngineer,
Catia, or Unigraphics design software, prototyping experience of
thermoformed packaging components, closures, stacking capabilities,
clamshell, etc.) and delivery systems. Must pssess a passion for
structural package design/engineering. Technical expert knowledge in
areas of tolerance analysis, software/hardware administration and
drawing file maintenance. AS, Mechanical Engineering, Plastics
Engineering or related field.
Position is located in Columbus, IN - approximately 45 minutes south of
Excellent benefits: 20 paid days off per year; 401K program; 6 paid
holidays; medical and vision insurance.
Please contact: Steve Fisher, President, Fisher Enterprises, (812)
378-3200 or
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I'm the perfect candidate! ;-) No, I wouldn't be interested in moving to Columbus, IN. Sorry. :o(
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Sporkman - do you know anybody that might be interested? Let me know! THANKS! Sporkman wrote:
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I just sent somebody your way last night. He likes snow and ice.
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Thanks! Nobody has contacted me you have a name - I will call him/her!
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