Conversion or the Save?

You are ask: ""The question is: Are you saved?""
Please for to tell to habib what is made differenc of convert over save?
When I for to save of old solidworks file it tell to me file become
converted before the save.
But becomes the old file not allowed - what I cann go to to back in the
I am think it becomes one must to become save BEFOR converte?
Also where goes teh first whiles file? It mades to vanish like the hell?
Also pleas for to discuss why you palute cyspaces with spams whiel spams are
of porks?
Pork while not too much kosher you drop them all everywhers - what are you
for to do to try?
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The file is actually converted when it is read into SolidWorks. It cannot exist memory as the old file. So the file in memory that you are working with is no longer the old file that was on the disk, but a completely new file. When the file is saved back to disk it is the new file; there is no resemblance to the old, nor can it go back to being the old file as there is no room in the old file for the new things.
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