comp.cad.solidworks Moving to a POS

If the crap messages continue, comp.cad.solidworks is going to go to hell quickly, as I already detect from the lack of On Topic posts.

I must admit, I no longer look at this group first, or every day anymore


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I agree 110% I used thoroughly enjoy the info & wit tossed about in this newsgroup by thinking users. I cannot understand why people on this newsgroup respond to a few unhinged ravers. After a period of talking to no one but themselves, they may get the message. Use message rules to remove them from the list and lets pull this newsgroup back from the edge.

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Neville Williams

What other groups do you take a look at first then?

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Dominic Brunelle

There are Engineering Tips and SWCad mailing list. Engineering Tips has a system by which complaints can be lodged.

The problem with freedom is that sometimes somebody uses it.

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Unfortunately usenet is awash with maroons who cross post to a bazillion groups. This isn't the only one that suffers from it. I monitor rec.woodworking, and a couple of others that are being overwhelmed by the crap.

I blame Google Groups for this. Any swinging Richard can anonymously post anything they want without recourse. There is no way to get the deviants banned. Google will kill usenet groups before it's all over and that's a shame because it was one of the first user based help resources available on the web.

The only way to minimize the foolishness is get a copy of nfilter and a good usenet client (and no Outlook Express doesn't qualify) to filter out the junk.



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