Copying whole project, Assemblies, Parts and all Drawings

So does anybody have a way to copy a whole project where you can copy an
assembly and all it's parts, and have Solidworks find all the drawings to
those parts and assembly and copy those too?
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Richard Charney
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As mentioned at SWW 2006, look for this in 2007.
Richard, I keep all my files in one folder just for this purpose; this way, it's a snap to accomplish what you want.
Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell
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Devon T. Sowell
Through SolidWorks we can copy Assembly models and parts. To get the drawings we had to write a separate program the reads our MRP data base. When the top level assembly number is entered it does a multi level explosion finds the drawing paths and copies them to a specified location.
Richard Charney wrote:
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When possible I make one drawing with multiple sheets for all parts and assembly. Assembly sheet could comprise of one drawing view only but then I could open the drawing in SolidWorks Explorer and copy it with COPY CHILDREN checked. That way I copy/rename whole project. It's not perfect solution, sometimes the drawing file gets too big, but at least it does what I want. Stefan
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Stefan Loukov
Like Stephan said below, it's relatively easy with a single drawing file. I always have used multisheet drawings for this reason.
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bill allemann
I got turned off to multi-sheet drawings back with SW 2000 and 2001, because they slowed my computer system down so much. Lately I've used them for weld fixture drawings with only a dozen or so simple parts with some success and not as much loss of speed. Where it still hurts is showing a complex weldment in the drawing.
I try to keep everything in one folder for a project, but common parts get to be a hassle unless you have a common parts folder or multiple copies of the part. It is convenient to have everything linked to one drawng file. Looking forward to SW2007. Diego
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