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I'm trying to make a loft cut out of a dome. The dome has extruded cuts that make it look like a 12 pointed star. On the legs of the star i'm trying to take a lofted slice off. I keep getting the error message :

Unable to create this feature because it would result in zero-thickness geometry

I have no clue what it means,(not that advanced wit SWX) or how to solve it...

Can you please help?

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Illustration of zero-thickness geometry:

Make a rectangular extruded block 10" x 20" x 5". Then cut an extruded hole of diameter 2" placed 1" from any edge.

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"zero thickness geometry error" occurs for example: when you have an rectangular extruded boss on a plate, and you try to make another rectangular extruded boss feature with a sketch which starts on the same point which is shared with the previous feature. theoretically the resulting body should have two extruded bosses on a plate, which have a shared and common edge (this is also true for shared/common vertex). in this case the distance between the two features geometries is zero and the thickness of the resultant body at that point is zero also. So my advice to you is to try and "shift" a few insignificant (for you) microns the sketch or the feature parameters, so solidworks won't notice it and will enable the creation of the feature.

The above example is principally correct for any feature type in solidworks and in other cad systems as well.

Cheers, Gil Alsberg

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Gil Alsberg

I think you can get this type of error when your cut geometry is tangent or very close to tangent to your existing geometry. Can you extend your part or extend your cut so that they clearly overlap? This might help.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"

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Jerry Steiger

Type in zero thickness geometry in SWx help

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Thank you guys!

After another hour af swearing yelling and trying i firgured it out...

The result is satisfacory!


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