CSWP exam sample test

does anyone have any CSWP sample tests or prep material that they are
willing to sell?
I checked out the sample test questions and basic modeling skills part
and so far so good. Once question though, on the basic skills test, do
they provide the "scoring criteria" in advance (ex. changing # in a
pattern to update correctly) or do you have to assume what may or may
not change? I know they give a list of design requirements, but it
doesn't seem fair if you don't know what the computer will be looking
for exactly. Just curious.
Thanks in advance!
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Each problem in the CSWP defines the design intent and how the design intent relates to specific model changes. This is your scoring criteria, you need to be sure you have designed your model properly to meet these pre-defined specs. It's been a while but I don't believe the test breaks down scoring for every aspect in the problem spec (the actual grading spreadsheet you recieve after the test does). I believe each problem is listed with a total number of possible points only.
I created a Power Point presentation for the CSWP which I presented to our user group. You can find it here
formatting link
under the "presenations" button to the left. It includes a sample model of some of the methods used and the correct and incorrect ways to build one of the sample parts. You may find it helpful.
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Rock Guy
Make sure that you have at least 1-2yrs of fulltime SolidWorks experience before attempting this certification.
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my company is still on SW2005, so I'm tryin studying all the "what's new" updates for SW2006. I got the exam outline from SolidWorks so that should help. I know 2006 has A LOT of changes so I need to cram rather quickly.
As for the modeling portion, I had some concern because of the 50 different ways the sample model from the SW website can be modeled. The model is very easy to make per the "design requirements"....but the "scoring criteria "had additional "design requirements" which changes the strategy of making the model.
Does anyone know what the breakdown is to pass the test? I.e. do I need a 70% in all 3 catergories (written, basic modeling, advanced modeling)??? is each section weighted? Jeez the last time I took a test was in school...ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO!
SWX-VAR-JP wrote:
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Take it from me as someone who has taken the test and now proctors the exam to users.
The items that you are tested on are basic modeling skills, so I would not focus so much on the "What's New".
The scoring is as follows, you need an 80% on the test to pass, this is comprised of a written test(100 points, 20% of total score), Core Skills(300 points, 60% of total score), Adv. Skill(100 points, 20% of total score).
The modeling is based on the techniques taught in the essentials and advanced classes.
One good resource to use is i.get.it, they have a CSWP preperation module. All skills that are tested are shown in this training. ;-)
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