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for job reasons, I have to design toolings: molds and dies in particular. Now I'm evaluating some packages of third party. I have choosen "moldworks" and "splitworks" for molds, but I don't know what choose for dies. Is anybody with experience in this field?

For the progressive dies: is better 3dquickpress or logopress?

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If your goal is a bird's eye view of the Progressive Die and also of the yielded material strip, and parts, for the purpose of the actual Die to be built by a Tool and Die-Maker, 2-D lends itself infinitely moreso than does 3-D . Progressive Die prints are traditionally drawn in any one of a number of Cad Programs, in two dimension, and is more than adequate for that purpose. Most Die-Makers prefer traditional 2-D Blue-Prints. The yielded material strip, and finished part, however, is another story. I find there to be a tremendous advantage of modeling the material strip and the final ejected parts in 3-D. Drawing the strip and it's progressions in Solidworks is a huge plus, as it allows the Tool & Die Maker to see the target part as it is being isolated and held in the strip, formed, drawn, pierced, forged, separated etc, stage by stage, until the final ejection of the completed part. Of course an animation of the stages and entire strip is a tremendous aid to the Die Maker as well, giving him a heads-up on what the die will ultimately produce.

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