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I have written an VB-Applikation, this needs some information from a SoWo-Part (all Feature-Names, etc.). So i read out the FeatureTree to get this informations.

Wenn i do this with VB it is more then 10x slower than with an SoWo-Macro (the SolidWorks-Support confirmed this)!!

Now i want a better performance for my VB-Application. But the complete application is not realizable as Macro.

I considered to write an VC++ DLL that read out the FeatureTree and want to include this DLL in my VB-Code.

Could this be realized? Or have anyone a better idea to get a better performance?

Thanks for our help! Florian Gerteisz

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Florian Gerteisz
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Maybe you could call the SW macro from the dll. swApp.RunMacro MyMacro, "Module1", "Main"


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Corey Scheich

A Macro i can start without a DLL, this works also with VB. But how can i get the return values (Featurenames, etc.) to the VB-Applikation(i don't want to use a textfile)? I think this doesn't work?!


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