Drivind a part or an assy with Excel

Hello all
We are making professional cooking appliances. Usually, we build separate
units that are mounted side by side (400 to 800mm).
In a few months, we will be selling custom built tops (up to 2800mm). They
will be made with one solid top, the appliances mounted in cuts made on the
I am setting up an excel sheet describing the top (kind of appliance,
number, position on the top.), and I want that this sheet drives directly
the cuts on the top.
If all goes well, I could also build an assy of the cooking top from the
same sheet.
I wonder if anyone has examples of such a project, or a how-to.
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Jean Marc
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Dear Jean,
I feel u can do what you are looking for. Have you tried design table. If not check help about deign table.
Still need any help, do let me know.
Deepak Gupta
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I know how to do it (link external excel sheet and the design table), and I am moving into the project at a nice path. The 'external driving' being just a small part of the job.
I just thought I could take profit of some example, but at this time I have passed this point.
Thanks a lot for your answer, and your attention.
Jean Marc
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Jean Marc

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