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I am running an AMD 2400 XP with 1gig ram, a 80G SATA 7200 drive and a GeForce3 Classic AGP with SWX 2005 0.0 . I don't have any real complaints about speed but was looking for the groups opinion about what I would need t buy to get a real noticeable speed increase.

I am using this for relatively complex solids but no complex multi screen assemblies and only one screen open at a time.. Rendering is a priority and it this machine is just a bit slow. All other programs the machine does quite well without any complaints. I haven't kept up with the available chips and graphics cards. I appreciate your help.

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See the "New Gaming Rig" thread for some comments about high-end dual video cards.

Most people use the highest end or nearly highest that approved on the official SolidWorks list, with nVIDIA seeming to be the preferred ones.


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For rendering it's all about the CPU. Have you looked into overclocking? That's free if your current motherboard has those bios options.

Read this great article about your CPU.

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Rendering is one of the very few places where more than one CPU really helps. Does your mother board have two CPU slots?

Use the task manager to check on your virtual memory usage. If you are using any more memory than your physical memory, then adding another gig of memory should make a big difference. If you are using more than 2 GB of memory than add 2 or 3 GB.

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