Some equipment advice please...

I am running an AMD XP 2400 ( 2.0 GHZ ) 1 Gig am w. GeForce 3 board and
SATA drives doing primarily simple solids with no interior part work (
Industrial Design )
This machine is dragging during rendering in PW2 as these are presentation
style renderings. I cant upgrade this board or OC the chip so I am looking
at some new machines and need your expert advice. One option I have is to
go to a P4 630 chip, 1 gig ram, 2 MB cache system using an Intel on board
video. Another is to go to a 3.2 P4 640 chip. 1 gig ram, 2MB cache with an
ATI Radeon x300. OR I can add a GeForce 6600GT to either machine.
Are either on board video 'is adequate for what I am using them for and will
there be any significant speed increase between what I have now and ether of
the two new chips ? I need to go this route due to financial constraints.
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Before you go and throw out the baby with the bathwater have a look at this:
formatting link
Read it through and tune up your present system. Before you do that run some benchmarks on your current system and do so again after tuning it up.
formatting link
If you can benchmark the systems you intend to purchase.
FWIW neither the on board video nor the ATI card are going to do you much good. A 3.2Ghz Intel is not particularly fast.
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