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I just got a Dell M60 last week and so far I am EXTREMELY pleased with it! My system has the Pentium M 1.8Ghz, 1 gig of RAM, and the QuadroFX 1000 video card with 128mb of onboard memory.

I absolutely runs rings around my old P4 1.7ghz Quadro4 750 system.

Based on it's performance so far, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a portable workstation!

Ricky Jordan CSWP Dynetics, Inc.

Has anyone out there done this? I'm planning to do a lot of consulting work. > It's hard to beat a laptop for office visits, etc. > > I've always run SW on a desktop. Can anyone recommend some basic requirements, > etc. that I'd want to have in the laptop before buying one? > > I'd like the laptop to serve as my main computer, probably using a docking > station type setup with a large monitor in my office. > > Any advice, suggestions, warnings? > > Thanks
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Ricky Jordan
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HP nw8000

1.5 Gb of RAM , 60Gb of HDD... ATI FireGL T-2 Works like a charm... with little aid of Windows Update, you can get the RealView working also (alltough SW shows it does not support RW)

Pentium M processor is really THE processor for SW work.. This Laptop outruns our desktop Machines 6-0


- Arto

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Arto Kvick

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