Thinking about the unthinkable?

OK here is the situation: Rutu will be in the water this time next year.
The plan is to take off in another 2 years for the islands and try as I
might I can't figure a way to pack my shop in the aft stateroom. I have
about $25K in machines and tooling that I have cared for better than my kids
so I need to start thinking about how to find them good homes. As I plan to
cruise for several years with little income I need to get the best prices I
can. Auctions don't seem to be the best place to get a reasonable price for
the size metal and woodworking machines I have and ebay presents all kinds
of problems with shipping.
If you had to sell off your shop over, say 3 or 4 months, how would you do
it to get the best prices?
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Glenn Ashmore
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On craigslist. Machines go fine on CL. Tooling or anything small should still go on ebay.
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Grant Erwin
I would sell it on ebay.
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There's a new phenomenon called on-line auctions here in the upper Mid-west. nearly all the machine shop auctions are now going this route. I can understand why, prices are up for the seller. Ruins it for a fella like me. is the auctioneer up here. They are getting auctions from Madison,WI to Fargo,ND. You may want to check if an auction house has set up like this for Atlanta.
Karl (waiting for the boat tour) Townsend
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Karl Townsend
I suppose a barge towed behind is out? :-) Joe
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Joe Gorman
I keep my boat at Sassy Marina (home of the Mackinaw racer Sassy) and also the put-in for a lot of the other big Mackinaw racers. I notice that many of them have a parts store/machine shop set up in a 40' container. How about doing the same and having it shipped to your next port of call occasionally. I confess I don't know how much it would cost to rent port space for a container or how much moving it to the next port would cost. What I do know is how much it costs to walk into a machine shop, ask them to drop everything and fix YOUR widget right now -- a lot (or sometimes nothing at all if your problem is interesting enough).
BTW, I carry about 300# of tools and spares on my 20' center console, so I feel for your loss if you do have to close out your shop to go boating. -- --Pete "Peter W. Meek"
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Peter W. Meek
No way to arrange a long term storage facility for your stuff?
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
That would be my thought. As a recent owner of a Westerly 25 and trying to juggle my time between that boat and my shop I would advise that you place your 'shop stuff' in storage with someone you trust holding the key. Need extra cash while cruising? Sell it off as needed.
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Ken Davey
I'm thinking more in terms of what do you do if you find out that cruising your life away ain't whatcha wanna do. Aside from that, what you can get for them is likely not so much, compared to what it would cost to replace them later.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
You've built a high tech boat with a lot of custom stuff. When (not if) some of it breaks, who are you going to pay to fix it, or where are you going to get the tools from? At least with tools in storage, you've got a fallback of sorts.
I wouldn't sell my tools. I'm kind of thinking of doing the same thing as you. My tools are going into a separate shed/barn which I'm keeping separate from leasing the house if/when the time comes. I've got acreage so it's not an issue space-wise but IIRC you have acreage as well.
Good tools, once sold, become damn hard to replace, at least quality metalworking and older solid woodworking stuff. Welding gear, hand power tools and the like, different story.
If you're selling the property, dump the tools at one of your children's places. You stored them & their stuff for years, it's payback time. If no undercover space, a 20' container (or 40') would do.
BTW it's past time you updated your Web site....
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Have you considered storage? Or renting or leasing everything out.
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