Dimensions hidden in sketcher?

I'm new to SolidWorks so please excuse my ignorance.

When I am in sketcher mode, dimensions are hidden unless my cursor is over the dimension. If I redraw, they will all return until I select something.

I suspect I have a graphics issue; although hopefully it's just a setting. I have a Cyber Power PC running Windows XP, AMD XP3000, Radeon 9600 video card, 1 gig of RAM.

Thanx in advance for any help on this. I can work with it although it is really annoying and sometimes impossible.

Rob H.

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Dump the Radeon. Get a Quadro FX 500 or better.

"designo" wrote in news:qvSdnWUFIdh4ArDdRVn snipped-for-privacy@comcast.com:

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Does this go away if (with no document loaded) you go to Tools >

Options > Performance, check "Use Software OpenGL"?

If so, you might seek out a video guru to see if some combination of settings on your video card options will make it work with hardware OpenGL... does your card show up as acceptable on the SolidWorks list? See

formatting link
On the other hand, working w/software OpenGL might be okay, if your parts/asbys/dwgs are not complicated.

I'm still on training wheels with SW and could not tell the difference between software and hardware... but then, I also have an old computer and old nVidia card.

Dave G.

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Dave G

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