offset a profile in sketcher?

I have an extruded shape & it needs to be larger .015" all around. I want to offset all of the the line & arc segments in the sketch by

015". The offset tab in grayed out when i try & modify the sketch. How can i do this? I was able to create a new extruded feature by offsetting the previous sketch & then extrude it, but i want to just have 1 sketch. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help or info. john
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You can't really do it in Sketcher. Since Sketch>Edge>Offset is greyed out, your Sketch is apparently your first feature.

You could create a first sketch, and then another sketch and do a Sketch>Edge>Use and a Sketch>Edge>Offset, but you still have two sketches although one of them has both profiles in it.


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