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Remek, in Environment, toward the bottom of Default Actions is a setting called Sketcher intent manager. Get rid of the check mark. In sketcher, you will have the old style sketcher menu back. Constraints should be disabled by default, unless you go into the Constraints menu. Mine activates constraints as soon as I opened the Constraints menu. Everything else is back the way it was. If you are working on an old feature, already sketched, go into Constraints and click disable then go through the sketch, picking the constraints you don't want, same as you do now. Also note, when you are ready to constrain everything, be sure 'Sec tool>sec env>accuracy' is set high enough so that horizontal is really horizontal.

It's probably a good idea for everyone to kill Intent Manager every now and then and try to work in the old way. My bet is that the program will be faster, but you'll be slower, not just because you have to relearn the old sketcher commands and try to remember where stuff was, but because it was always a slow, tedious, painfully difficult process.

David Janes

1. Do you know any tips to speed up the sketcher. My works very slow when > drawing above ten curves. > 2. Can I disable constrainig at all - I know that with right click I can > disable current, but I wanted to disable them all for a while > > P.S. My machine: P4 2.2G, 1GB RAM, Abit, W2K, ProE2001 440 > > Remek > >
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David Janes
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There's a option called use_intent_manager - you can set this to 'no' and save a lot of misery.

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John Wade

Thanx for your explanations.


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That's a terrible piece of advice.


John Wade wrote:

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