flamingo versus caesars

I'm thinking of staying at the flamingo since it's about 50% of the
cost of caesars but I've never been there so I'm concerned that as big
as these places are I could be looking at a lengthy walk 'across the
street' - by the time you get into the bowels of the buildings etc.
Does anyone here know the lay of the land there in this regard?
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you might consider the barbary coast--relatively small, and directly across the strip from Caesars. Your concern about the Flamingo is valid
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Caesars is overpriced and getting anything comped is a thing of the past unless your average bet is $300 and gamble 4 hours a day. The Imperial Palace right across the street is reasonable.
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LOL- I thought you guys were talking about rendering programs. "Ceasers?? When did this new program hit the market??" (Since I used Flamingo, the renderer for Rhino v2.0 in the past)
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