Ebay bad seller teamjoedawn update

A thousand pardons for the return of this topic. I had figured that this was
over and done when the auction ended.
Tonight I get two emails from the offender, I'll add them here.
Short version: seller admits to inflating handling charges and mocks me for
being taken advantage of.
So if you came down on his side, or are interested in reading about poor
buisness practices, read on.
Copied and pasted directly from email ( I suppose someone might make this stuff
up, I'm not that talented or have that much free time)
Had you confronted me then I could have contacted our shipping person and
refunded you (and collected from him) our shipping and handling as YOU are
provided a link to USPS and offered a chance to review it. Since you chose to
post about us and solicit spamming to our web mail account (and violate Ebay
polices as THEY reported to me) - you will lose your membership because 1) you
can't add, 2) you can't spell and 3) you are stupid enough to pay inaccurate
shipping without checking first.

I can't help the idiots...I am just not that strong.

Bye bye...
( my first emailed postYou want maybe you could explain to me why you charged me a 'handling fee' of
$7.68 to wrap the kit box in a couple of layers of paper and ship it standard
mail (actual postal charge $5.55)?
I left you neutral feedback, as you did deliver the kit as advertised, but I
plan to post factual warnings about you on several modeling forums.
Good luck getting much more buisness. But you'll just probably change your name
and keep it up.
People like you seem to be give ebay a bad name.
seriously dissatisfied with your 'buisness' practices.
(and the other email )
You are also in violation of Ebay policies and they have informed me you will
be removed.

So I see YOU won't be around long...I will continue selling and if idiots can't
calculate their own shipping...I suppose that is my win and your loss. As it
recently was...

T'is not my fault that you can't add...


snipped-for-privacy@aol.com wrote:
seeing your rapidly dropping feedback rating, I expect that teamjoedawn will
not be around long..
I've posted this to several modeling realated forums and will post to several

good luck

(I'll snip the orig. message I posted here)

Their email is snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com

go get em spam-bots...
(oops, looks like I missed some, and there I go.. I did it again.. )
please remove "diespam" to reply
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've
misunderstood the situation.
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ALWAYS check, i leanrt hat hardway then had to pay THREE times the actual, envelope etc amount
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Did you ever get contacted by Ebay and have your account closed? Rob Gronovius Visit my motor pool in the
formatting link
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Rob Gronovius
I just have to add my 2 cents as I have had over 50 sales on ebay. Until you've mailed kits out, don't be too critical. My post office station does not let me mail models in boxes that have old labels or excessive printing on them. As a result, I have to purchase boxes at the local UPS store. They cost between 4 to 8 dollars EACH. I also mail all my kits priority mail. So when the "actual postage" is $5.55, to protect myself I add receipt confirmation of $.45. The time to wrap the kit, buy the box, go to the post office is expensive. I charge $6 to $8 for mailing a small package and in most cases I don't break even when I have to buy the box. Just my thoughts.I'm not complaining, but people that think they should get a package mailed for $3 to $4 are not living in the real world or they are buying from someone who has a large box supply or expect quick delivery. Parcel Post takes 6 - 10 days and I know other sellers that receive 5 to 6 emails from customers wondering where the kit is when it's sent parcel post. You get what you pay for. This is NOT your casual eBay sales member (
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Richard Bernecki
Don't BUY boxes!! Since you're shipping by Priority Mail, get some of the #7 Priority Mail boxes from the post office ... they're FREE. Buying boxes when you don't have to is just otnay ootay ightbray, if you ask me.
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Dean Eubanks
dumpster dive the 99 cent stores for pristine unmarked boxes. they throw them away by the hundreds. i found some tuff white boxes that were the perfect size to stack for cd shelves and any box size needed for shipping.
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Yeah, I'm puzzeled by that too. I have never bought boxes. Plus a sign on the local post office shows a used box made to be acceptible by blacking out all of the old bar codes and logos (as opposed to mearly striking a line through them which they don't accept). If I have a messy one sometimes I'll spray a piece of card with spray glue and stick it on over the old markings.
A friend does lots of business on ebay and gets entire cartons of the Priority mail boxes in various sizes.
I usually ask $5 for shipping since the rate went up a while back. That pays for shipping and the confirmation. Many buyers are wary of the character of the seller who demands exorbanant shipping charges. Never had any problems buying or selling on ebay, although there was a few times I was a bit worried until it was over! ;-)
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Tom Hiett
Dean, Thanks for your flattering comments, but I usually sell my kits in lots of 3 to 5 kits. A #7 Priority Mail Box would hold 1 kit. My buyers would not be too appyhay if I stuffed 3 - 5 kits in 1 box to save money. Just a wild guess on my part. I'm sure all my positive feedback is because I want to keep the buyer happy, even if that's just otnay ootay ightbray. Rich
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Richard Bernecki
Hi, Rob. I don't know if you were addressing your question to me, but I did have my account suspended once. What a hassle. I was in the middle of six auctions when I was suspended. It took a month and a letter from my lawyer and me to eBay's legal council to get reinstated. EBay thought that I was a seller that had used another user id that was suspended and then suspended me. I was able to show that they were wrong but I was not a happy camper. At least I know eBay responds to an attorney's concerns if not a seller. Other than this one incident, I have had no problem with eBay and find it a great way to dump old kits and get cash to buy my new kits that I will probably sell in a few years. I seem to like the "new and improved" versions of kits that come out and will sell the old version. With an upswing in 1/32 I've also dumped most of my 1/48 collection on eBay. Rich
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Richard Bernecki
Nope, not yet. Funny that guy from Michigan who was going to sue us over calling him a scammer hasn't come through with the lawsuit either...
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Mike D
Referring back to Richard Bernecki--
I too have found box salvage to be economical and easy. Apart from that, boxes are much cheaper if bought in bulk at places like Office Depot or Office Max. Evidently neither you nor your customers are particularly concerned with the increased cost, but you might wonder how many bidders have simply passed on your auctions because of the shipping costs, which I assume you fully publicize. If you do well in these auctions, I guess it's no big deal. However, I always look at shipping before submitting a bid, and my max bid takes the projected shipping cost into account. I'd be surprised if I'm alone in that regard.
Mark Shcynert
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Mark Schynert
I have sent multiple kit orders before by using the priority tape from the PO to tape as many as three of the priority boxes together. Then I fill each one with a kit and necessary packing materials. As long as it doesn't get oversized for them to ship, it doesn't cost me any more to ship than one box does. Ya might give it a try sometime. I've had good luck so far.
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Rich, I have a question. Are we talking kits or built models? I wouldn't care to stuff thre or four built models in a #7 box either but kits, heck yes.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Read my post again, Rich ... "Buying boxes when you don't have to is just otnay ootay ightbray, if you ask me" If you have to buy boxes because you can't scrounge up a box or whatever you're shipping won't fit in the free boxes, then obviously this doesn't apply.
As a data point, I've been selling and buying models on ebay for several years. Got a pretty little triple digit feedback rating and no negatives. I've never bought a box nor packing material. I've never had a complaint.
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Dean Eubanks
Yep, and if it's inconvenient to cover markings on reused boxes it only takes a couple minutes to turn them inside-out or wrap them in brown paper from grocery bags.
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Al Superczynski
May I make a suggestion about "protecting" yourself with insurance rather than Delivery Confirmation? DC is a rip-off & the PO should eliminate it. While it does indicate that the item's been delivered, it doesn't assure delivery to the correct address, just delivery "somewhere". Then, when it doesn't arrive, neither party has insurance recourse. I've had two packages sent to me with only DC, & I never got them, tho they were delivered, "somewhere". While the local PO says that their carriers are responsible for misdelivered items, they haven't done anything yet & one is 2 years ago! The senders refused to do anything because the PO says I received them, thanks to the DC. Just a suggestion.
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Please go back and read the origanl post. His complaint, valid by the way, is that he was charged for the level of packaging you use. He received the level of packaging a con-artist would use. I call your 2 cents and raise you 2.
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as i say at the store, paper and plastic, please. as snakeshear said, genius will alike, ai noddy?
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try. Rich
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I call. Good suggestions on the thread. Thanks. Rich
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