Bad seller on ebay greatwhitesandmakos

Hello People:
I just wanted to post this out of kindness towards others so they don't go
through the crap I did.
there is a seller on ebay called greatwhitesandmakos ,
and in all of her auctions it has accepted payment forms
pay pal, money orders or cashier checks.
well when you win the auction from her, it is stated in her emails pay pal
this goes against the auction listing.
also when you ask her nicely before the auction or auctions end to combine
shipping, she says she will, but in reality, she is charging you for
shipping for each individual item and pocketing the difference.
I found out the hard way, I was going to buy four 1/48 scale planes, all
small ones, and she kept insisting pay pal only even though I told her I
will be sending her a money order, and she kept stating $25.00 to ship four
small planes from VA to IN.
I asked if the $25.00 was for overnight shipping or Fed ex, she said no, it
was for regular mail.
well naturally I contacted ebay because of this, and ebay notifies her, and
because of this I got negative feedback from her on ebay.
we all live and learn, but it seems too many greedy sellers want way too
much for combined shipping, I had this happen once before with ebay seller
car-guy-1 , and he overcharged me by $12.00, but it is too late to complain
on that one.
but use extreme caution people with seller greatwhitesandmakos
take care and thank you for your time
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And "GEORGE ONEILL" opened up and revealed to the world news:OA6Sd.39232$uc.11483@trnddc03:
Another thing that people need to watch out for with eBay are people who "self-insure." Meaning that they will charge you the buyer for insurance, but will then take that money and put it in THEIR pockets without PURCHASING any kind of insurance. Saying that IF the buyer doesn't get the package or that it's damaged that they'll then pay for it. . .
I found out about this "practice" when I was a regular at the Topps sports card forums. And get this, when I called them the theives that they are/were I was told that that wasn't allowed. . . Hmm, since when is it wrong to call a thief a thief???
Cause I'm sorry, but IF a seller takes money to insure something that they've sold. And DON'T use that money to actually purchase insurance then that IS what they are, correct? As they have taken money under fraudlent circumstances.
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And opened up and revealed to the world news:
True, but the problem is that they don't advertise that they are "self-insuring." If they advertise that the package is, or will be insured then should they not insure the package? And not just "pocket" the money that the buyer paid for insurance?
I mean stop and think about it. If someone looks at an auction on eBay, where the seller charges x amount for insurance, but doesn't mention ANYTHING about "self-insurance" is that NOT a fruadlant act, and theft?
I'm sorry, but I can't see it any other way other then that it is theft, clear and simple. They took the buyers money under the guise of insuring it, with having no intention of actually purchasing any insurance. To me that works out to be theft. And uh, the last time I checked theft is and was a crime.
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I only think it would be theft (or probably fraud) if you did not receive the kit (that was really mailed), asked for a refund and they did not refund the money. If they take you insurance money and assume the risk, what's the difference? (provided they would actually refund your money if it was lost/stolen/damaged in transit).
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