A ebay seller in US

Nothing bad, just want some gerneral views

Saw some decals (48th Aeromaster SU22's)

End of description


Ok sent him a email saying i will pay by paypal, in his email more religuous stuff.

Decal sheet arrived today, and inside the decals was a little slip, more religeous comments

Now im a athiest, have lots of religious friends, most are Jews so no probs there

I noticed the ebay sellers name was luke xxxx vxx so out of the bible...

Left him good feedback, no probs but if i mentioned i was a athiest would that upset him?

I can have a long and in depth chat on religeion and why i dont belive, but im not used to having it on ebay like this...

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It shouldn't. He foisted his unsolicited religious beliefs on you. I wouldn't though, he might take it upon himself to try to convert you.

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I now remember some years ago, buying a kit from a US seller, and getting a mini bible inside, that freaked me a bit. Nothing wrong with peoples beliefs, oh well, guess he didnt mean any harm

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"Jules" wrote in news:zqI_h.136467$ snipped-for-privacy@fe2.news.blueyonder.co.uk:

Many religions have a requirement to proselytize (I know I spelled that wrong). Some people take it more seriously than others. I'm a Christian, but I don't proselytize as I have enough to do already.

Hey at least Christians aren't trying to convert by the sword... Love Jesus or I'll cut off your head.


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Gray Ghost

Why would you need to? The transaction is complete. You're happy, he's happy, leave it at that.


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"Gray Ghost" skrev i en meddelelse news:Xns9926795C9F3E6Wereofftoseethewizrd@

In the dark middleages the situation was different. In those days it was: 'Convert or I'll chop your head off'.

Yes I'm kinda religious, but not fanatic :-)

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Uffe Bærentsen

Yeah, ! Just toss it in the recycling. And forgot about it.

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Falcon Guy

Heathen that I am, I get turned off by sellers who are too preachy. I recognize that there are a LOT of holy rollers in the hobby. A lot of neo-nazi's too... and I'm not suggesting they are the same group of people. As a demographic study though, it's interesting.

My personal take is that I probably wouldn't have bid in the first place.. unless, of course, it was a really killer deal (everyone has a price, right?). If some one put in a tract or whatever, I'd simply throw it out.

On the other hand, if you feel gouged on shipping, or even if not....your shipping fees paid for the propaganda. I would email the selller and tactfully thank them for the information, but you are not interested. You don't have to justify it. The point is that the buyer should not have to pay shipping on something he/she didn't buy. I would point that out to the seller. If you use paypal, a refund would be nice on some part of the shipping.... basically, make the seller think about what they're doing before they do that to the next buyer.

But that's me, and I'm sometimes contentious. Easiest thing to do is throw it away and ignore it.

--- Stephen

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Stephen Tontoni

My mother-in-law used to leave tracts in our house when she visited. At first it was just annoying so we ignored it, and she kept doing it. So we started taking them back when we visited and leaving them round her house. After a few months, she got the message. Haven't seen a tract in years now.

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Simon M.

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