Bad Seller on Ebay dtazzygirl

Hello People:
I want to warn others of a bad seller on ebay who uses the id dtazzygirl aka
Daisy Alvarez
2417 W. Grand Ave
Alhambra, CA 91801
this seller receives payments, then after admitting it in one email that she
got the payment, a few emails later she states she didn't or doesn't know.
a lot of people have been complaining on ebay about her crappy service.
this is the last time I will deal with this B word, I only bought 2 items a
A-26 invader gun nose conversion and some decals.
you figure someone with a lot of positives would do good, but that is not
the case with this person
don't waste your time with her on ebay.
take care and happy modeling
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It would seem that a lot of times,people don't leave negative feedback for fear of getting the same in retaliation. I have never dealt with this ebayer,although her prices never impressed me as well as the fact that her included pics were hit and miss
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Yeah, I bought the Verlinden 1/72 scale stowage for a Bradley and some other item from her. I paid via PayPal and after a month I had to ask where the stuff was (I included a copy of the PP payment notification). Couple of weeks later the items finally arrived. Very slow to ship items. Rob Gronovius Visit my motor pool in the
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Rob Gronovius
Hmm. I'm not saying that you and several other people haven't had bad service, but I've dealt with her on three occaisions and never had any problems.
I don't know what to tell you except to say that there may be more to this than we know about at this time. Perhaps something going on at her end that we just can't see at this time.
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Andy Hill
I've bought at least twice from her - no problems.
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I've dealt with her 2 or 3 times with no probs, either.
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I bought from her once, no problem that I can recall. Kim M
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I've had several transactions with her wit no problems. Sorry to hear that others have had problems.
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My first and because of "her", last foray on ebay I sent money order for decal sheet that supposedly was shipped. It took about 3 weeks to get a refund and with no explanation as to the whereabouts of the decals. Count me in for bad experience.
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Just got burned by her as well...
Took almost 60 days to get a resolution over one stupid book...finally got her to give up a different book on the same subject (B24's) but not the one I won.
She blamed her "shipping company" for the mix up.
If she's big enough to use a fullfilment company, then she ought to treat it more like a business and less like a hobby which, according to some of her replies to negative feedback, she seems to hide behind sometimes.
Just my $0.02 worth...
Jay Beckman Chandler, AZ
PS...We did manage to conclude 7 other transactions very's too bad she gacked so badly on customer service for the 8th deal as she does have a pretty good selection of stuff (IMO...)
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Jay Beckman
Sorry to hear about this latest trend. In my experience, service and selection were good.
Scott G. Welch
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Have bought from her at least 3-4 times. While I'll agree she can be a little SLOW, it's still been an OK experience. Sorry about yours.
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Joseph Volz
I dealt with her as recently as July 2003 and did not have any problems...
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John R Meloro
I've purchased from this person several times and always been treated very well, sorry to hear you had a problem.
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Steve Faxon
If I may make a guess. I understand that a number of people who started selling on eBay to get rid of stuff or make a few bucks find themselves essentially running a mail order business from their basement. I can see how it can get out of hand, and a person with what is really a business with a garage-sale mentality can get over their head. Kim M
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Bought from her in May of 02, good transaction.
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I think I'll avoid her too from now on. I must have gotten lucky that once.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
I had to send her a reminder that I'd paid for the model, but hadn't received it. Then she suddenly 'remembered' that she'd forgotten it! Guess I'm lucky to have received it within a couple of weeks! Al Fisher
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I guess I was really lucky. I can probably count on my 2 hands the times I've bought from Ebay, but I've not once had problems with a seller. Good communication is a MUST.
SELLERS - Take note of this.
I say I've not had any problems, because when something did come up, the sellers were UP FRONT, HONEST, and PROMPT with me. I've even had a buyer call me once before concluding a bid, just to make sure there was no funny business. Being open and cordial, and most of all, responding to your buyers will produce the best results.
Negative feedback is for all to see. Don't risk it by ignoring your buyers.
By ignoring your customers on the internet, you're also risking not only the sale, but legal action against you as well. But legal action aside, communicate with people. It's the best way to resolve problems, it lets your buyers know they're not being ignored, and it gives them reassurances that things are running smoothly.
Send email when payment is received.
Send another when the item is shipped.
Send one around the time the item should arrive, just to make certain they received it.
This attitude will forego problems before they appear.
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I've had some odd dealings with her, but in her defense she has come through in the end (but I have had to keep after her with emails).
For one decal sheet, a lot of time (weeks) had passed since I paid for the item, so I contacted her wondering what was going on. She claimed she had sent the item, but I never received it. She told me to wait for a little while more to make sure it arrived, and when it did not, she sent a replacement.
The second transaction was much weirder. Same thing as the first one: A LOT of time (over a month) had passed and no item. Finally she got back to me after a couple of inquiries wondering what was going on, and said that she had made a mistake and did not have the item after all! She then refunded my payment, but I could have done without the hassle of bidding and sending payment for nothing.
I don't consider her a truly bad seller, just a bit frustrating. And you WILL be waiting a while for your item...she is not the speediest shipper in the world, that's for sure.
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Pauli G

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