Update on ebay seller Calohat

You may remember I had some trepidation buying a vise from this person with
zero feedback, being in CT and all.
I "won" an auction for a 5" Kurt vise for $75 and was told after the auction
that shipping was another $24. So far, so good.
After contacting some others who had done business with Calohat, I decided
to send a check. This person is very slow to respond to email and never
answers the phone. The number is answered (eventually) by a recording with a
female voice. Indeed, the ebay contact info is a woman.
All the seller's items are serious guy stuff, though.
The vise arrived. Not the one I bid on, though. The picture is obviously
different. It is a pretty decent looking 6" Kurt with a three lobed handle.
The vise screw is bent at the handle, but it works OK. This may have been
shipping damage. The vise was surrounded by strips of plywood inside it's
cardboard box. It had steel straps around it in both directions. The box was
ripped where the vise was trying to come out.
I am happy to have received something for my money, but sorry it is too
large for my machine. I have sent 2 emails and called once in the last 4
days. No response.
I just wanted RCM to be aware of this seller's actions, as his/her stuff is
the kind that would draw our interest.
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