not a good seller on ebay dtazzygirl

Hello People:

I know alot of you have bought from this disorganized woman dtazzygirl aka Daisy.

some of you have had great experience, some of you haven't.

well I didn't, I paid via money order, a week later I email her, and she says she got it and my item will be out on friday,

ok, now 2 weeks pass, I email her asking if the item was sent out or not, she replies, I never received your payment, and I was shocked so I fowarded her the email she sent me stating she did.

she replies back and says oh ok, I will ship your item out, now another week passes, I email her, she says, it has been sent out with a tracking number, I email her asking for the tracking number, no response

now it has been a month since the transaction, I tell her either send me my item or my money back, no response at all, so I emailed her again stating I have notified ebay, and the internet fraud agency,

finally after 2 1/2 months I get my items by priority mail, now if someone is so disorganized off and on with items on ebay, shouldn't they seek help, or limit the amount of auctions they have until they get better organized?.

I have chatted with people at the ARC boards and online messaging, and have had the same results,

a lot of people got their stuff after complaing or in a timely manner, and others just got lucky.

all I have to say is if you mail this woman a payment get delivery confirmation just in case, and if doing online payments keep the transaction numbers handy incase you become a victim or her crappy ways

take care and happy modeling George

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her prices are nothing special full retail as well you are better buying from an online shop.

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Confirms my suspicions on this ditzy? datzy? girl.

Tried emailing her once with questions, and zero reply. Can't tell what your getting decal-wise half the time with her auction pages. No deal at all on price.

Glad I was never unlucky enough to win one of her auctions.

Will avoid her like the plague (usually do because of her prices), and thanks for the heads up!

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Janet Kreiger

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